We are an independent, Irish-owned importer and distributor of the finest beers and ciders in the world. We source premium beers from award-winning breweries across Europe and the US, bringing you an array of high quality beers to choose from. As a Fourcorners customer, you can expect excellent support and advice thanks to the skills and expertise of our staff. We distribute to over 450 retail customers across the country, including off-licences, select bars, restaurants and hotels.

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    Fourcorners offers a wide range of the finest craft beers and ciders, specially selected from the best breweries in the world. We offer an impressive variety of choice and good...

  • Distribution


    Fourcorners is one of the leading distributors of craft beer and cider in Ireland. We import from the world’s best breweries and deliver to pubs, restaurants and off-licences...

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    At Fourcorners, we pride ourselves on providing one-to-one support and guidance for all our customers. Our staff will work with you to understand your needs and help you choose the...

  • Expert Advice

    Expert Advice

    Find out more about our craft beer and cider and why it’s so special. Learn about pairing beer with food, category planning and choosing beer for events. It’s all in our...

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